Vista Pacifica Center

vista pacifica from outsideVista Pacifica Center is a secure 108-bed Long Term Care Skilled Nursing Facility with a special treatment program geared toward assisting your loved one to their highest functioning.

The Center serves adults ages ranging from 18-100  with a variety of psychiatric diagnoses, all of which represent severe, persistent mental illness and significant impairment in emotional, social and occupational functioning. Vista Pacifica Center specializes in Geropsych, providing Special Treatment Program services to all ages, including those residents over 65 years of age.

Admission Criteria:

  • Age 18 and older
  • The potential danger to self or others, or gravely disabled
  • Behavioral problems due to psychiatric conditions
  • Severe agitation, anxiety or depression which interferes with daily functioning
  • Severe psychotic symptoms including hallucinations, delusions, paranoia or thought disorders